After Years and Years Of People Begging Me To Do It...

"I've Spent Thousands of Man Hours, Tens of Thousands of Dollars and 13 Months of My Life Putting Together, Hands-Down, The Most Comprehensive Course Ever Developed On Internet Marketing"

Whether You're Just Starting Your Business or You're an Industry Expert, You're About To Learn The Exact Techniques and Strategies That I Personally Used To Build A Multi-Million Dollar Business

From: Armand Morin
Re: Internet Marketing Explained

If you've answered yes, then I know this page is the page you've been waiting for all your life. Finally, the curtain will be parted and you'll truly see the secrets of building an online business.

Let me be straight to the point with you.

If you're looking for a get rich quick scheme or if you're not looking to start a real business, then leave right now. This isn't for you and as gift for looking here's a tip. Keep that day job because you're going to need it.

If you're looking to cut through all the bull**** and are truly ready to start building a business you and your family can be proud of, then I know we've met at the right time in your life.

I'm about to introduce you to the opportunity you've always wished for.

Listen To Someone Whose Income Went Up 10X!


Let me tell you a story first...

It Wasn't Always Big Houses, Fancy Cars,
Dinner With Princes and Millions of Dollars
I Was In A Worst Position Than You're In Right Now!

In 1996 I just sold a company I started just a few months earlier to American Nortel. Let me give you a little bit of advice, don't take stock when you sell a company. To say the least I just sold this company and what did I have to show for it? Nothing. I was living in a studio apartment in Biloxi, Mississippi, because that was all that I could afford.

I was smart enough to keep two things from this company.

1.) My desk, which was good because that was about the only furniture I had.

2.) My computer.

Here Was My Problem... I Didn't Know Anything
About The Internet Or Even How To Use A Computer

I had heard all these great things about the Internet but never figured out exactly what it was. I didn't even know how to get on the Internet. I knew you needed one of those disks which always came in the mail, so I grabbed one and hooked up an America Online Account.

Why did I Need 5 Internet Accounts? It's because I couldn't even figure out HOW to get on the Internet. You have one up on me with the mere fact that you have made it to this web page. Heck, I couldn't have even done that.

Bill Gates made a statement back then to the effect...

"If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business."

If The Wealthiest Man In The World Said This,
Then There Must Be Something To This Internet Thing

My first day online I realized one important thing and that was that people were selling products and services over the Internet. That's when it hit me. All I had to do was simply find a product that people wanted and I too could make money over the Internet.

Here's What You Have To Realize...

Back then, you were 100% on your own. There wasn't information anywhere about how to make money online. Internet Marketing was barely a term and few people even knew how to do it right. There weren't any seminars, teleseminars or courses you could buy immediately and learn what and how to build a business.

That Was Nearly 12 Years Ago, Yet It Seems Like Yesterday.

"...couldn't be any more impressed."


Hi Armand, Paul Colligan here from in Portland, Oregon.

Internet Marketing Explained is very different for one main reason. I donít know if everybody catches it and it is so very important. Internet Marketing Explained is the whole story. Itís how blogs fit into affiliate marketing, fit into email, fit into producing your own products. Itís how all this stuff is intertwined that is so important, and thatís where the money is.

I donít know anybody doing well in this space who has mastered one tiny, little aspect of it. Itís how all this stuff flows together, which is where the money is. Thatís what youíve done with Internet Marketing Explained. Itís brilliant stuff. Iíve gone over parts of it multiple times, and I just couldnít be any more impressed.

Great job, sir and thank you so much, for this gift.

Paul Colligan

To Make a Long Story Short...
Here's What's Happened In The Past 12 Years!

Me Speaking in Front of 4,000 People In England

Why am I telling you this? Not to brag (I donít need to), but to let you know that Internet Marketing is a real business.

"Talk about seriously over-delivering"


Hi Armand, Lou Dalo here from

Iím just calling to say thanks for creating the Internet Marketing Explained course. Talk about seriously over-delivering ó IME is a total brain dump of apparently every tactic, strategy and tool that you use personally to make your millions online.

I know a lot of these things are your most closely guarded secrets, so Iíve got to ask, ďDude are you sure you want to release this product?Ē Selfishly, Iíd be happy if youíd just let us AM2 folks have it so we have a huge competitive advantage, because the fact is, I donít need to buy another Internet marketing book or course at this point ó IME is my complete Internet marketing library.

Any questions I have, I just go straight to the audio on that topic and usually in minutes I not only have an answer but oftentimes, itís the world-class, multi-million dollar answer that got real world results for you. Give me real world results over fluff and theory any day of the week.

Armand, you always say, ďSuccess Leaves Traces.Ē Well, IME doesnít just leave traces, it draws the complete treasure map to finding Internet gold. I certainly wish Iíd had this when I first started online, because it would have saved me countless hours, thousands of dollars, all that trial and error and I guess, probably more than just a few strands of hair.

Anyway, I recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about what really works in Internet marketing, learn from someone whoís doing it very successfully. Whether youíre a newbie or seasoned veteran, youíll find great information here.

Thanks, Armand. Great work! As always, I appreciate you. Take care.

Lou Dalo

You Don't Have To Wait 12 Years To Succeed Online

Here's Why...

I've Spent Thousands of Man Hours, Tens of Thousand of Dollars and 13 Months of My Life Putting Together Hands-Down, The Most Comprehensive Course Ever Developed On Internet Marketing

Introducing For The First Time... Internet Marketing Explained

This is a pretty bold statement to make, but it is 100% true.


In Order To Create A Successful Internet Marketing Business
DOES NOT Mean You Can Learn Only One Aspect of Doing It...
You Must Have Access To ALL Of The Details!

If you're like me, I'm sure you've purchased a course or two in your life only to find out that it wasn't complete. It didn't give you all the "how to" details that it promised.

What is even more sad, is the fact that the course focused on only one aspect. What I'm referring to is that Internet Marketing is a Multi-Prong Business. It does not work from only one angle. You must attack it from many directions in order to create the success you want.

There are many basic aspects...

Just to name a few. My point is you MUST know about all of these aspects in order to completely understand this business. If you know only one or two, you're like a table with only 3 legs.

Are You A Table With Only 3 Legs?

Here's a typical scenario...

A person creates an online business and they focus all of their energy solely on driving traffic to their websites. Certainly, traffic is a must in creating online sales. But what they are doing is wasting their time.

All the traffic in the world does you no good unless you can convert the people visiting your websites in to sales.

Traffic is just one component. You need to understand conversion strategies as well. Understanding the process of how to turn a prospect into a customer is of vital importance. Without this, you are just spinning your wheels and hoping you go somewhere.

Another pitfall many people run into is thinking that there is only one way in order to create income online.

Are you an idiot?

"No experienced or aspiring Internet marketer
should be without it."


This is Clydette Clayton of from Atlanta, Georgia.

Internet Marketing Explained is an outstanding resource. It covers every aspect of Internet Marketing in great detail providing examples and specific URLs.

I have listened to every minute of it and have repeatedly returned to it every time Iíve needed to clarify a point. Internet Marketing Explained has guided me to get my Internet marketing business up and running. No experienced or aspiring Internet marketer should be without it.

Clydette Clayton

If You're Not Using Income Diversification In Your Business,
You Are A Ticking Time Bomb Waiting To Explode

The definition of a business is... "the purchase and sales of goods in an attempt to make a profit."

The interesting thing about this definition is that it does not say WHAT you should sell. I'm referring to the fact that many people are close minded about where their money comes from. They are not open to supplementing their CORE BUSINESS with additional revenue.

You Have Two Parts To Your Business Your
CORE Business and Your ANCILLARY Business

Your CORE business is defined as the main focus of your time and energy. In many people's terms, what you are passionate about.

You ANCILLARY business is what you to create additional revenue. It may have nothing to do with your CORE business. You could call this simply taking advantage of opportunity when you see it.

The Odds Are You'll Never Create Just One Website Which Will Create Enough Income All By Itself, But You Can Create A Profitable Business

What? You didn't want to hear that? I could lie to to you and I hate to use a clichť but, putting all your eggs in one basket is way to risky. Repeat after me and alwasy remember this, "Security is in mass."

Let's look at a simple example...

If you have 5 products which you are marketing online, and one of them stops selling, you just lost 20% of your income. Now if you have 100 products and 1 product stops selling, you've only lost 1% of your come and you probably didn't even know it.

I firmly believe in Income Diversification and that is the exact reason why I DO NOT teach you just one method, but I teach EVERY SINGLE METHOD I use to generate income from the Internet.

Many of these techniques, I have never shared before ANYWHERE. You'll get a first-hand look at the method and an extremely detailed plan of the steps I took and more importantly, how you you can duplicate my results.

"Without this course, it would have taken me years..."


Hi, this is Marco Landreville at

Iíve just started a few months ago in the Internet business and at the time, I didnít have any products or services. I didnít know how to make a web page. I was far from being a marketer. I took the Internet Marketing Explained course, then applied the techniques and strategies to create my own product. Now, Iím able to offer online data backup and web hosting.

What I like about the course is that it covers every aspect of the Internet business. Now that I have implemented the basics and started a good foundation, I can build and grow my business using the more advanced techniques also included in the course.

Honestly, the IME course is an information product that you have to have. Believe me, itís going to pay for itself. This is serious, actual information that youíre able to implement and apply right away. I was looking for something to help me focus, something that would actually make a difference in starting my business, and thatís exactly what I found in the IME course.

Without this course, it would have taken me years and a huge amount of money to get to the point where I am now. The Internet Marketing Explained course is most definitely my key to success.

Marco Landreville

This Is Where People Make A Mistake
You Are Not A Webmaster!

If you think that having a business online requires you to become a webmaster, that's where you are dead wrong. Sure it can help to have some technical ability, but having to do all the work yourself is not what I would advise and here's why.

When you are the one in charge of your website, design and graphics, this is taking the time away from your marketing. The marketing aspect of your business is where you make the money. These other elements are important, but you MUST UNDERSTAND, you are not a webmaster.

Do You Want A Business Or A Job?

So what do you do? Outsource!

I will teach you inside of Internet Marketing Explained exactly how I outsource all of the things which I don't want to do.

Big business outsources. Now, I don't believe in everything which big business does, but I do believe that you can use the technique of outsourcing to make your business dramatically easier to build.

Most people don't teach exactly how to do this correctly, because they don't know how to do it. I go into detail of how to do it, and EXACTLY THE STEPS which you have to take in order to duplicate my results.

"...step-by-step in user-friendly terms"


Hi, this is Ruby Yeh of, and we produce multimedia eBooks that can double and triple your email list.

Whether youíre a newbie or experienced Internet marketer, if you want to shorten your learning curve and achieve immediate and measurable results, you need Armandís Internet Marketing Explained course.

Armand is one of the absolute best in his field. Heís a brilliant marketer, but heís unique because heís a technical jock who keeps up with all the latest developments. So as students, we get the benefit of learning what to do marketing-wise and whatís important, plus Armand also lays out what we need to do technically, step-by-step in user-friendly terms.

Even a techno-dummy such as myself can do it.

I love having IME at my fingertips because itís tons of the best information. Itís also a relief for me to know that I donít have to learn it all at once. Anytime I need to execute something new or develop new programs, the IME course from Armand is always available to me.

If you want to have your own Internet fast-track training, get your own copy of IME right away.

This is Ruby Yeh wishing you the best of success from

Ruby Yeh

I Know What You're Thinking...

"What Makes Internet Marketing Explained Different
From All The Other Courses On The Market Today?"

That's an Easy One To Answer...
For The First Time Ever, You'll Receive ALL The Details!

Yes, I literally take you inside my business and I show you step-by-step EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of what I'm doing. This is the EXACT same techniques I currently use in my business.

This project wasn't something I just threw together and figured I'd sell it. That was not the intent.

Here's A Small Sample of What's Included
With Internet Marketing Explained!

"Everything Iíve implemented from him
has made me money"


Hi, this is Dr. Jeanette Cates, the Online Success Mentor.

Iíve been following Armandís advice and courses for several years. Everything Iíve implemented from him has made me money, which is why Iím so excited about Internet Marketing Explained and what it can do for you.

I had a chance to listen in on the original course which was excellent. Since then, Armand and his team have transcribed, re-arranged, polished and truly enhanced an already great product.

This is definitely the definitive guide to Internet marketing. Take advantage of Armandís insight and unique approach to Internet marketing today, because you wonít find a better product.

Dr. Jeanette Cates

"The bottom line is Armandís a straight shooter"

Hi, itís Craig Perrine from Austin, Texas, I want to say a few words endorsing Internet Marketing Explained. I know a lot of people are looking for a single source of information thatís going to explain every aspect of Internet marketing for their business. I believe that Internet Marketing Explained is that resource.

Iíve been online since 2002 and what Iíve implemented for myself and my clients from Armandís training has made me and saved me quite frankly, thousands and thousands of dollars. You can quickly find the answer you need if youíve got a problem youíre trying to solve, or if you're really starting at square one you literally can go through from start to finish and youíll know exactly what to do.

This is probably impossible to over exaggerate how important that particular aspect of this is. Everything is explained, hence the name of the course. I want to make sure that you know how accurate that is for the material.

Iíve recommend this course to my own subscribers, my own list of newsletter subscribers, on my blog and to my coaching students, because I want them to finally have the same advantage Iíve had, because Iíve been studying Armand and working with him and have been in his coaching program for years.

The bottom line is Armandís a straight shooter. He teaches things in a simple, easy to follow step-by-step method, and he shares the same methods he used to build a business that generates millions of dollars a year.

Needless to say, I highly recommend that anyone serious about marketing online get this course. Plug into Armandís proven, highly effective system and just watch the results. Itís amazing. I recommend it without any reservation, so definitely get Internet Marketing Explained.

Craig Perrine


As you can see Internet Marketing Explained is NOT just some lightly thrown together course. This literally is the most comprehensive course ever developed on Internet Marketing.

Listen To These People Who Have Already
Been Through Internet Marketing Explained

"I highly recommend the IME course."


Hello, itís Steve Rosenbaum from in Austin, Texas. I just want to tell you how much Iím enjoying IME ó Internet Marketing Explained.

Armand, everything youíve taught me during the past year has helped my business skyrocket. IME is a part of everything I do. I often listen to the audios and find theyíre right on target with everything Iím working on for the day.

Thanks for the great work, Armand. Keep it up! I highly recommend the IME course.

Steve Rosenbaum

You Can Get Started Today - Click Here Right Now

"Youíll be thankful for it many times over. "


Hi, my name is Stu McLaren from

As you can probably tell from that domain name, Iím an idea guy. I love great ideas, but as Armand has taught me, thereís a major problem with that. Ideas by themselves are never going to make you any money. The real value lies in the implementation and execution of those ideas.

One of the great things about the Internet Marketing Explained course is Armand shows you exactly how to take your original idea and start turning it into a profitable business venture as quickly as possible. He has taken a ton of information and boiled it down to the fundamentals of what you need to do today in order to get started with your ideas and your business, and so forth.

He brings a ton of focus, and that has really been valuable to me as an online entrepreneur. So, if you're like me and youíve got a ton of great ideas, then you need to get a copy of this course. I mean, itís the ultimate reference guide for online success. And, it is huge. I mean, huge.

Even though I havenít gone through all of it, I love the fact that when Iím ready to add another component, strategy or tactic to my business. I can go to my bookshelf, pull down the corresponding Internet Marketing Explained binder and flip to the appropriate section, because it has nice, easy tabs so I can get to what I want to read or go through right away. Then I can learn exactly what I need to do to get started, because he outlines it step-by-step.

It has helped me implement a lot fast, a lot quicker and a whole lot easier. I like to call it my bookshelf mentor because whenever I need help, itís there. I recommend you get a copy of this course because you will never, ever in my opinion, have to go anywhere else, because he has a ton of information here.

Armand covers pretty everything you need to know about succeeding online ó itís in this course.

Grab yourself a copy today. Youíll be thankful for it many times over.


Internet Marketing Explained Will Guide You Step-By-Step - Click Here

"Iíve been, completely blown away by
Internet Marketing Explained."


Hi, this is Christina Hills, the Shopping Cart Queen. Iíve been, completely blown away by Internet Marketing Explained. Armand Morin is an amazing marketer. Heís amazing, because he seems to know everything about the Internet. Any time I have a question or thereís something I need to know he, not only knows the answer, but heís done it.

If youíre just getting started on the Internet or are already an experienced businessperson, I highly recommend you get Internet Marketing Explained.

Christina Hills

"...two of Armandís strategies from Internet Marketing Explained for my blog and within a couple of weeks my Google page rank went up"


Hi, this is Dr. Kenny Handelman from Oak Vale, Canada and I wanted to share my perspectives on Armand Morinís Internet Marketing Explained.

First, Iíll tell you that I like to learn from the best. When I went through University and medical education, I always found the best teachers and mentors to help me to propel forward in my career.

When I wanted to learn about information marketing and helping people through the power of the Internet to learn about their health and improve their lives, I found Armand as a mentor and a teacher. Armand Morin is a brilliant man. He has an incredible ability to take complex ideas and strategies and create very simple steps that can be implemented easily.

Hereís one example. I used two of Armandís strategies from Internet Marketing Explained for my blog and within a couple of weeks my Google page rank went up, jumping me into the top ranking for several search terms that are quite competitive in my niche. I have been using Armandís advice to increase my number of products, change how I market them, improve it ,and itís been growing quite rapidly month-by-month.

Here is what I would say to you. If you want to learn how to make money online, how to sell information products or market anything on the Internet, then Internet Marketing Explained is an outstanding course. Youíll gain access to all of Armandís secret strategies and the techniques that have worked for him. Iím telling you, donít hesitate, get your hands on a copy of Internet Marketing Explained now!

Kenny Handelman

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"step-by-step in an easy-to-understand"


Hi, this is Jose Espana from  If you want to be a profitable online business or expand an existing business faster than you ever dreamed possible, then you must look at Internet Marketing Explained. 

My friend and mentor, Armand Morin is an expert on Internet Marketing.  In this course, he will show you step-by-step in an easy-to-understand way everything you need to know to make money online. 

I used these strategies to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on the Internet and I recommend this course, because it will help you increase your online income to any level you want.  You're just one click away from learning the secrets that the top Internet marketers use to generate thousands of dollars every single day. 

Donít get left behind and click on the order button now.


Here's What Separates Internet Marketing Explained
From All The Other Systems You May Purchase

I Give You Access To My Full-Time Staff
To Answer All Of Your Questions About IME

I can almost guarantee you've purchased a product or a service and after the sale you were left all alone. Maybe you tried to contact the company with your additional questions, but they just didn't respond. Or maybe, you were told that the product is complete in itself and if you don't understand it, it's your fault.

I guarantee I will not leave you out in the cold. I have a full-time staff which will be available to you to answer all your questions about Internet Marketing Explained. If you don't understand something after trying it yourself, just contact us with your question and we'll walk you through it step-by-step.

"This program is worth every penny I paid for it"


Hi, my name is Laurren Schmoyer, and I own

Iím so impressed with how much information is packed into Armand Morinís Internet Marketing Explained. He explains how we should build our sites, create a blog, get traffic, and much more. He does this in a way that is easily followed. He breaks everything down into simple formats, making it easy to understand.

Armand has found, through trial and error, the fastest and best ways on the Internet for you to make money. Heís made money ó vf money using these exact same techniques he teaches us. All we have to do is follow his instructions.

This program is worth every penny I paid for it, no question. Itís packed with tons of information that answered all my questions. I recommend it to anyone interested in making money. Get this program now!

Laurren Schmoyer

Get The Course and The Amazing Bonuses

"when Armand talks, I listen!"


Hi, this is Anita Smith in DeWitt, Michigan with

Armand has taught me to go ahead, take action and implement what Iíve learned up to that point.  Armand says, ďDonít wait until you know how to do everything before you take action. The answers will come when youíre ready, Anita. Just take action with what you do know.Ē

Internet Marketing Explained has helped me come this far, which makes me very excited about the re-launch of Internet Marketing Explained, because when Armand talks, I listen!

Anita Smith

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The One Thing Which You Can Never Get Back Is Time And That Is What Internet Marketing Explained Saves You and Gives You

Could you build a successful Internet business on your own without Internet Marketing Explained? Sure you could, but why? But, why?

Why should you go through all the trouble, trials and tribulations that I did?

Let me make a pretty bold statement. In today's day and age for anyone to learn through trial and error is completely absurd. To add to that, especially, when you have someone right in front of you who has take the time to lay it all out for you in a complete step-by-step format which is ready for you right now.

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Here's What You'll Receive Today


Limited Supply Is Available

Internet Marketing Explained Plus All Bonuses

You Have A Choice To Make Today
Maybe For The First Time In Your Life

a.) You can continue on at your own pace and buy the little products here and there that will help you along the way. Someday you may build a business which will support you.


b.) You can make the same decision which thousands of people have already made and that is to let me teach you. Let me be your guide, hold your hand and give you the instruction and training which you rightfully deserve.

Which is it?

YES! I want to learn the exact strategies and techniques which Armand Morin has used to create a Multi-Million Dollar Business.

  • I understand I will receive the physical product of Internet Marketing Explained including, 34 CDs and over 900 pages of the best training information available.

Best of Success,

Armand Morin

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